UPSC Modern History Previous Years Questions Quiz No7

1. Who among the following rejected the title of Knighthood and refused to accept a position in the Council of the Secretary of State for India? [2008]


2. Which of the following pairs are correctly matched? Movement/Satyagraha Person Actively Associated with 1. Champaran : Rajendra Prasad 2. Ahmedabad Mill : Morarji Desai Workers 3. Kheda : Vallabhai Patel Select the correct answer using the code given below: Codes:


3. The last opportunity to avoid the partition of India was lost with the rejection of : [2002]


4. Which of the following is/are the principal feature(s) of the Government of India Act, 1919 ? [2012 – I] 1. Introduction of dyarchy in the executive government of the provinces 2. Introduction of separate communal electorates for Muslims 3. Devolution of legislative authority by the centre to the provinces Select the correct answer using the codes given below:


5. nnie Besant was 1. responsible for starting the Home Rule Movement 2. the founder of the Theosophical Society 3. once the President of the Indian National Congress Select the correct statement/statements using the codes given below. [2013 – I]


6. Which Portfolio was held by Dr. Rajendra Prasad in the Interim Government formed in the year 1946? [2006


7. The first venture of Gandhi in all-India politics was the: [1999]


8. Which one of the following leaders of the Congress was totally in favour of Cabinet Mission Plan? [1999]


9. Which one of the following is not correct’ about the Cabinet Mission Plan ? [1996]


10. The Balkan Plan for fragmentation of India was the brain child of : [2000]


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