UPSC Modern History Previous Years Questions Quiz No13

1. Who among the following leaders proposed to adopt Complete Independence as the goal of the Congress in the Ahmedabad session of 1920 ? [2001]


2. At the time of India’s Independence, Mahatma Gandhi was: [1998]


3. Assertion : The effect of labour participation in the Indian nationalist upsurge of the early 1930s was weak. Reason (R): The labour leaders considered the ideology of Indian National Congress as bourgeois and reactionary. [2002]


4. What was the immediate cause for the launch of the Swadeshi movement ? [2010]


5. With reference to Indian freedom struggle, Usha Mehta is well-known for ? [2011 – I]


6. Which one of the following defines extremist ideology during the early phase of Indian freedom movement? [1998]


7. Assertion : Lord Linlithgo described the August Movement of 1942 as the most serious revolt after the Sepoy mutiny. Reason (R): Peasants joined the movement in large number in some places. [2000]


8. he demand for the Tebhaga Peasant Movement in Bengal was for [2013 – I]


9. Assertion : Lord Linlithgow described the August Movement of 1942 as the most serious rebellion since Sepoy Mutiny. Reason (R): There was massive upsurge of the peasantry in certain areas. [1999]


10. For the Karachi session of Indian National Congress in 1931 presided over by Sardar Patel, who drafted the Resolution on Fundamental Rights and Economic Programme? [2010]


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