UPSC medieval history PYQ quiz 02

1. In Indian history, who was Abdul Hamid Lahori? [2006]


2. Consider the following events: [2000] 1. Region of Krishna Deva of Vijaynagara 2. Construction of Qutab Minar 3. Arrival of Portuguese in India 4. Death of Firoz Tughlaq Correct chronological sequence of these events is :


3. The initial design and construction of which massive temple took place during the reign of Suryavarman II? [2006]


4. The motive behind Shah Jahan’s Balkh campaign was to: [2002]


5. Among the following, who was not a proponent of Bhakti cult ? [2010]


6. In which one of the following cities is the Lingaraja Temple located? [2001]


7. Consider the following statements: [1998] Ahadis were those troopers who: 1. offered their services singly 2. did not attach themselves to any chief 3. had the emperor as their immediate colonel 4. attached themselves to Mirzas Of these statements:


8. Assertion : Muhammad Bin Tughlaq left Delhi, and for two years lived in a camp called Swarga-Dwari. Reason (R): At that time, Delhi was ravaged by plague and many people died. [2002]


9. Which one of the following sequences indicates the correct chronological order? [2004]


10. The sufi saint who maintained that devotional music was one way of coming close to God was; [1996]


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