SAT practice quiz 4

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1. Find the word having same meaning as “clumsy person ” ?


2. Find the word having same meaning as “being brief ” ?


3. Find the word having same meaning as “make better ” ?


4. Find the word having same meaning as “type of private political meeting ” ?


5. Find the word having same meaning as “clearly wrong ” ?


6. Find the word having same meaning as “wealthy; rich; magnificent ” ?


7. Find the word having same meaning as “illness ” ?


8. Find the word having same meaning as “puzzling; enigmatic ” ?


9. Find the word having same meaning as “hateful ” ?


10. Find the word having same meaning as “pacify; soothe; calm ” ?


11. Find the word having same meaning as “cannot be expressed in words ” ?


12. Find the word having same meaning as “a perfect example ” ?


13. Find the word having same meaning as “having stubbornly held opinions ” ?


14. Find the word having same meaning as “harmless medicine with no effect; dummy medicine ” ?


15. Find the word having same meaning as “indirect; slanting ” ?


16. Find the word having same meaning as “stream of verbal abuse ” ?


17. Find the word having same meaning as “future generations ” ?


18. Find the word having same meaning as “fat ” ?


19. Find the word having same meaning as “insincere ” ?


20. Find the word having same meaning as “promote; take up; support ” ?


21. Find the word having same meaning as “serious ” ?


22. Find the word having same meaning as “cancel; deny ” ?


23. Find the word having same meaning as “flimsy; frail; delicate ” ?


24. Find the word having same meaning as “lover of luxury ” ?


25. Find the word having same meaning as “burdensome; hard to undertake ” ?


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