Modern Indian history quiz 2

1. In 1939, for the first time, Gandhiji tried out his specific techniques of controlled mass struggle in a native state. He allowed a close associate of his to lead a satyagraha. Who was he?


2. The system of communal electorate in India was first introduced by :


3. Who represented India in the Second Round Table Conference


4. Mahatma Gandhi got his inspiration for Civil Disobedience from


5. Who persuaded the ratings of the RIN (Royal India Navy) to surren- der on the 23rd February 1946?


6. The first attempt to introduce a representative and popular element in the governance of India was made through :


7. The first Indian selected for Indian Civil Service was


8. On September 20, 1932 Mahatma Gandhi began a fast unto death in Yervada Jail against :


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