Indian polity quick quiz 8

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1. The Ministers are individually responsible to:


2. The members of the Inter-State Council are:1. Six cabinet ministers nominated to it2. Chief Ministers of all States 3. Secretaries of Union Ministries 4. Governors of all States


3. The members of All-India Services are appointed under the signature of:


4. The Ninth Schedule of the Constitution of India was: [UDC 1993]


5. The minimum age required for becoming the Prime Minister of India is :


6. The Indian Constitution comprises of [BPSC 2011]


7. The minimum number of judges to sit on the Constitutional Bench or on Bench whichgives its advisory opinion on the reference by the President must be :


8. The members of the Constituent Assembly were:


9. The Lok Sabha Secretariat comes under the direct supervision of:


10. The members of the Rajya Sabha are:


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