Indian polity quick quiz 5

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1. Match the following:A. Passport 1. Union ListB. Electricity 2. State ListC. Animal Husbandry 3. Concurrent ListD. Family PlanningA B C D


2. Mayor of a Municipal Corporation holds the office for a period of:


3. Match the following:A. Mandamus 1. Direction to an official for the performance of a dutyB. Habeas Corpus 2. Release of an illegally detained person C. Certiorari 3. Transferring of a case from an inferior court to a court of higher jurisdictionD. Quo Warranto 4. Calling upon one to show by what authority he holds or claims a franchise or officeA B C D


4. Match the following:A. July 22, 1947 1. Adoption of National Song by the Constituent AssemblyB. January 24, 1950 2. Adoption of National Emblem by the GovernmentC. January 26, 1950 3. Adoption of National Calendar by the GovernmentD. March 22, 1957 4. Adoption of National Flag by the Constituent AssemblyA B C D


5. Next to Hindi, language spoken by the largest number of people in the Indiansubcontinent is: [CDS 1993]


6. On the basis of financial crisis Emergency has been declared by the President of India:


7. Match the following:Union Territory Jurisdiction (High Court)A. Puducherry 1. KeralaB. Andaman and Nicobar Islands 2. Mumbai C. Lakshadweep 3. ChennaiD. Daman and Diu 4. Kolkata5. GuwahatiA B C D


8. Of all the Amendments in the Indian Constitution, the most Comprehensive andControversial Amendment was:


9. Regarding equality before law, the Indian Constitution makes exceptions in the case of:


10. Match the following:Prominent Functionaries Term of OfficeA. Supreme Court Judge 1. Till 65 years of ageB. High Court Judge 2. Till 62 years of ageC. Comptroller and Auditor General of India 3. 6 years or age of 65 whichever is lessD. Governor 4. 5 yearsA B C D


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