Indian Polity quick quiz 3

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1. Who described the Government of India Act, 1935 as a new charter of bondage ?


2. Which of the following exercised the most profound influence in framing the Indian Constitution?


3. Which of the following Act introduced separate electorates (communal representation) for Muslims?


4. The Constituent Assembly of India was set up under the


5. The Directive Principles of State Policy was adopted from the


6. In the wake of the sarkaria commission report, which state suggested the abolition of the office of the governor?


7. Indian Penal code came into operation in ?


8. Which of the following countries have an unwritten constitution ?


9. Right to property was removed from the list of Fundamental Rights during the rule of


10. Under the Constitution, the power to issue a writ of Habeas Corpus is vested in


11. Who appoints and dismisses the gazetted officials of the Union Government?


12. The Government of India Act, 1935 was based on :

13. Direct Democracy is a system of Government in which


14. Autocracy means ______


15. Who was the first woman Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh


16. Grassroots democracy is related to


17. In India, the concept of single citizenship is adopted from


18. Who was the President of the Constituent Assembly?


19. What is the meaning of “Public Interest Litigation”?


20. A federal structure for India was first put forward by the


21. Which one of the following is not an element of the State ?


22. Indian Constitution is :


23. Who among the following was the President of the Constituent Assembly of India ?


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