Gre practise quiz 15

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1. Find the word having same meaning as “flippancy; joking about serious matters ” ?


2. Find the word having same meaning as “self-satisfied; smug ” ?


3. Find the word having same meaning as “evoking sadness or pity ” ?


4. Find the word having same meaning as “wrong name ” ?


5. Find the word having same meaning as “taking things from different sources ” ?


6. Find the word having same meaning as “satiric; unexpected ” ?


7. Find the word having same meaning as “dull; uninspiring ” ?


8. Find the word having same meaning as “lure; trap; trick ” ?


9. Find the word having same meaning as “muscular ” ?


10. Find the word having same meaning as “flexible; can be shaped ” ?


11. Find the word having same meaning as “native to a particular area ” ?


12. Find the word having same meaning as “not certain ” ?


13. Find the word having same meaning as “a feeling that something might happen ” ?


14. Find the word having same meaning as “secretly; furtively; stealthily ” ?


15. Find the word having same meaning as “proud and haughty ” ?


16. Find the word having same meaning as “unoriginal; dull ” ?


17. Find the word having same meaning as “flexible; not stubborn ” ?


18. Find the word having same meaning as “to imitate something admired ” ?


19. Find the word having same meaning as “obscure; known only to a few people ” ?


20. Find the word having same meaning as “gaudy ” ?


21. Find the word having same meaning as “to fool someone ” ?


22. Find the word having same meaning as “putting in prison ” ?


23. Find the word having same meaning as “dizziness ” ?


24. Find the word having same meaning as “forceful ” ?


25. Find the word having same meaning as “sudden loud laughter ” ?


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