Geography upsc previous years questions quiz

1. Tamil Nadu is a leading producer of mill-made cotton yarn in the country. What could be the reason? [2010] 1. Black cotton soil is the predominant type of soil in the State. 2. Rich pool of skilled labour is available. Which of the above is/are the correct reasons?


2. Assertion: Bangalore receives much higher average annual rainfall than that of Mangalore. Reason (R) : Bangalore has the benefit of receiving rainfall both from south-west and north-east monsoons. [2004]


3. Consider the following crops: [2013 – I] 1. Cotton 2. Groundnut 3. Rice 4. Wheat Which of these are Kharif crops?


4. Consider the map given below: [1997] The river shown on the map is :


5. Consider the map given below: [1997] The place marked A, B, C and D in the map are respectively:


6. Consider the following statements: [2013 – I] 1. Natural gas occurs in the Gondwana beds. 2. Mica occurs in abundance in Kodarma. 3. Dharwars are famous for petroleum. Which of the statements given above is/are correct?


7. Rivers that pass through Himachal Pradesh are : [2010]


8. Consider the following countries: [2002] 1. Albania 2. Bosnia Hercegovina 3. Croatia 4. Macedonia Which of these countries has/have Adriatic Sea as a boundary?


9. At which one of the following places do two important rivers of India originate; while one of them flows towards north and merges with another important rivers flowing towards Bay of Bengal, the other one flows towards Arabian Sea? [2009]


10. A geographic region has the following distinct characteristics: [2010] 1. Warm and dry climate 2. Mild and wet winter 3. Evergreen Oak trees The above features are distinct characteristics of which one of the following regions?


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