CAT easy level vocab practice test 42

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1. Find the word having same meaning as that of ” persistence”?


2. Find the word having same meaning as that of ” an unreal or misleading appearance or image “?


3. Find the word having same meaning as that of “sharp”?


4. Find the word having same meaning as that of “sharp (as in speech) “?


5. Find the word having same meaning as that of ” to cover with gold or gold-like substance”?


6. Find the word having same meaning as that of “cut roughly”?


7. Find the word having same meaning as that of ” conceited “?


8. Find the word having same meaning as that of “to tempt with something desirable “?


9. Find the word having same meaning as that of “discuss thoroughly “?


10. Find the word having same meaning as that of “hard or impossible to read because badly written or printed”?


11. Find the word having same meaning as that of ” to resist separation”?


12. Find the word having same meaning as that of ” to set fire “?


13. Find the word having same meaning as that of ” easily broken “?


14. Find the word having same meaning as that of ” greenish-blue precious stone”?


15. Find the word having same meaning as that of ” have more power than others “?


16. Find the word having same meaning as that of ” star”?


17. Find the word having same meaning as that of “a ring, stone, etc. bearing engraved figures supposed to bring good luck, avert evil”?


18. Find the word having same meaning as that of ” a layer of packing material like a sheet of asbestos, etc. used for making gas-tight joints”?


19. Find the word having same meaning as that of ” get back by payment”?


20. Find the word having same meaning as that of ” To fall behind “?


21. Find the word having same meaning as that of “a large waterfall “?


22. Find the word having same meaning as that of ” rubbish”?


23. Find the word having same meaning as that of ” refuse to believe”?


24. Find the word having same meaning as that of ” belittle “?


25. Find the word having same meaning as that of ” boredom “?


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