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1. Find the word having same meaning as that of ” feeling doubt or causing doubt”?


2. Find the word having same meaning as that of “reserved”?


3. Find the word having same meaning as that of “loosen, open, unfasten “?


4. Find the word having same meaning as that of ” annoy”?


5. Find the word having same meaning as that of “deadly pale “?


6. Find the word having same meaning as that of ” cruel killing of a large number of people “?


7. Find the word having same meaning as that of ” sympathetic relationship, Harmony “?


8. Find the word having same meaning as that of “rubbish”?


9. Find the word having same meaning as that of ” insincere talk “?


10. Find the word having same meaning as that of “touch or scrape lightly in passing, feed on grass “?


11. Find the word having same meaning as that of “not pretended “?


12. Find the word having same meaning as that of ” large pile of wood for burning”?


13. Find the word having same meaning as that of ” to approve and sanction formally “?


14. Find the word having same meaning as that of “belief contrary to what is generally accepted”?


15. Find the word having same meaning as that of ” taste, flavor something”?


16. Find the word having same meaning as that of “indefinite “?


17. Find the word having same meaning as that of ” hypnotise “?


18. Find the word having same meaning as that of ” keen enjoyment”?


19. Find the word having same meaning as that of ” threatening “?


20. Find the word having same meaning as that of ” cheat “?


21. Find the word having same meaning as that of “carved image on the brow of a ship, nominal leader”?


22. Find the word having same meaning as that of ” rash “?


23. Find the word having same meaning as that of ” a group of men united for some secret intrigue”?


24. Find the word having same meaning as that of “spread into every part of”?


25. Find the word having same meaning as that of “merry person”?


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