Ancient history previous year questions quiz

1. Which one of the following was initially the mostpowerful city state of India in the 6th century B.C. ?[1999]


2. Match List-I with List-II and select the correct answerusing the code given below the lists: [2009]List-I (Famous temple) List-II (State)A. Vidyashankara temple 1. Andhra PradeshB. Rajarani temple 2. KarnatakaC. Kandariya Mahadeo 3. Madhya PradeshtempleD. Bhimesvara temple 4. OrissaCode:

3. Anekantavada is a core theory and philosophy ofwhich one of the following? [2009]


4. India maintained its early cultural contacts and tradelinks with Southeast Asia across the Bay of Bengal.For this pre-eminence of early maritime history ofBay of Bengal, which of the following could be themost convincing explanation/explanations ? [2011 – I]


5. The name by which Ashoka is generally referred tohis inscriptions is: [1995]


6. The practice of military governorship was firstintroduced in India by the: [2000]


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